‘Foodie Physician’ to speak at healthcare conference

| 04/09/2017
CNS Local Life

Dr Sonali Ruder

(CNS Local Life): Keeping with the theme of “Food for Thought: Exploring the relationship between nutrition and health”, the 2017 Cayman Islands Healthcare Conference planning committee is bringing in Dr Sonali Ruder, best known as ‘The Foodie Physician’, to be this year’s keynote speaker. Lizzette Yearwood, committee chair and CEO of the Cayman Islands Health Services Authority, said that she is excited to have Dr Ruder kick off the conference, which takes place 19-21 October.

“Through the combination of her medical and culinary backgrounds, Dr Ruder is able to create recipes that not only appeal to the taste buds but also help provide the foundation for a healthy body from head to toe,” Yearwood said.

“She is a great reflection of what we are aiming to accomplish this year: educating Cayman Islands residents on how they can manage and optimise their diet in order to provide their body with the best possible nutrition to sustain a healthy life.”

Other speakers at the conference will cover a range of topics such as food and heart health, diseases triggered by food, food facts vs myths, food and mental health, and nutrition during cancer treatment.

“As in past years, our mission is to bring together a number of different speakers from a variety of backgrounds to cover the conference’s theme in a way that will be both interesting and beneficial to all those who attend,” Yearwood said.

Minister of Health Dwayne Seymour also spoke to the value of the speakers. “With food playing such an important role within the Caymanian community, having the speakers for the Healthcare Conference not only educate our medical community and the general public on healthy eating but also explaining how to do so practically and inexpensively is key to ensuring that everyone walks away from this conference with tools to a healthier lifestyle.”

Registration will open 18 September, and admission to the conference is free.

For more information, go to the conference website


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