TV paves way for weatherman’s lionfish hunt

| 26/09/2017
CNS Local Life

Joe Avary hunting lionfish (Photo by Drew McArthur)

(CNS Local Life): Weatherman and TV reporter Joe Avary has been given a paid vacation by his bosses at Hurley’s Media to hunt for lionfish while raising money for charity. A keen diver, Avary plans to catch and then sell his invasive catch for cash, which will then go to the local Cancer Society, the NCVO, One Dog At A Time and the Cayman Islands Crisis Centre.

“They’re an invasive predator and they are very damaging to the reef ecosystem, but they are also quite tasty and in-demand in Cayman’s culinary scene,” Avary said. “Removing these fish from our reefs is hard work but it’s quite rewarding because I know it helps the environment…I am asking the public to help sponsor this effort.”

He has also created an email address where anyone can pledge any amount or match his catch for the day, and where people can also offer suggestions for one more charity to help.

A member of Cayman United Lionfish League (CULL), Avary said he doesn’t know how much his initiative will raise, but with help from the public matching his efforts, he hopes it will make a difference. “Most restaurants pay around $6 per pound for the fish, so I’m hoping we will get loads in a week of culling,” he added.

Divetech Ltd has agreed to provide his scuba tanks for the cull, and some of its staffers will be supporting him by joining him on the hunt.

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