Family stops in Cayman on world tour

| 14/11/2017

The Schomp family is visiting Cayman for a month

(CNS Local Life): Grand Cayman is the last major destination for this year’s around-the-world journey for the so-called Retired Toddlers. Since this American family sold their home in Tampa, Florida, in June 2016, Michelle and Jake Schomp have been travelling the world with their two toddlers in tow. “We don’t have a home. We just travel,” said Henley Schomp, 4.

It started as a summer off from work, but it has become a much longer extended holiday for the family of four, stated a press release. Once they realised their little ones were old enough to travel, they decided to take advantage of this time before the kids start attending school.

“They really are at the perfect age to travel. A lot of people tell us our kids won’t remember any of it, but I think they’re wrong,” said mother, Michelle Schomp, who works for an online cosmetics company. “More than anything I hope our kids remember all of this quality time we get to spend together. We hope it gives them a solid and worldly foundation to grow up with.” She works while the kids nap each day.

“We sold our home a little after Jagger turned 1. All at once he started walking, talking, and growing up too fast,” said Jake Schomp, who is taking a break from his online consultancy work while travelling. “We knew we couldn’t slow down time, so we decided to soak up every bit of the time we have with them at this age.”

The family is renting a home in Rum Point for the month, their last of several stops in the Caribbean this fall. They found themselves stuck on St Thomas when Hurricane Irma hit and went through quite an ordeal including cajoling their way onto an evacuation boat to escape the aftermath, stated the release.

Children Henley and Jagger have loved spending so much time on the water in Grand Cayman, the parents said, including taking paddling and boat tours, swimming with sting rays and spending time at the beach. The family has also driven around the island, stopping at various tourist spots like Hell, the Blowholes, the Wreck of the Ten Sails and Pedro St James. The family said that staying in Rum Point has also been a “refreshingly welcome change of pace with the off season creating a quiet and slow paradise to enjoy”.

On their travels they’ve been soaked by the glaciers in Milford Sound, New Zealand; prayed with monks and hiked the rice fields in Bali; visited the ancient temples in Cambodia; toured the town of Henley, England, for Henley’s fourth birthday; looked for the Loch Ness Monster in Scotland; sailed into the Arctic Circle around Norway’s North Cape; stayed on a pineapple farm and visited a tea plantation in the Azores; stayed on a small family vineyard in Portugal’s Douro River Valley; and experienced the dramatic cliffs along the Wild Atlantic Way in western Ireland.

When asked if Cayman is the end of their travelling, 2-year-old Jagger said, “No, we’re going to gramma’s.” The family will start 2018 on Lake Chapala, Mexico, where Jake Schomp’s mother spends part of her year. The children will be enrolled in a local Spanish-speaking school there before continuing their journey.

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  1. Shirley says:

    WOW! Nice!??

  2. Anonymous says:

    What a great article and should inspire people to take more chances, live a different life, teach and love their children outside of the norm, etc. Leave it to KT to spoil it with her nonsense. Save your classless bs for your page KT. What an embarrassment.