Mike Lockwood memorial meet turns 21

| 23/11/2017
CNS Local Life

Sam Dakers in action at the meet

(CNS Local Life): The 21st annual Pirates Week Mike Lockwood Memorial Swim meet took place 16-19 November at the Lions Aquatic Centre, hosted by Stingray Swim Club (SSC) and attended by members of Camana Bay Aquatic Club (CBAC), Seven Mile Swimmers (SMS), and Special Olympics of the Cayman Islands (SOCI). The event, Cayman’s first four-day swim meet, provides participants with the opportunity to compete in all events and distances.

Michael Lockwood, Mike Lockwood’s son, who is a former Stingray member and current president of the Cayman Islands Amateur Swimming Association, was on deck the first night of the meet, stated an SSC press release. In his opening comments, Lockwood, who is also a masters’ swimmer, reflected on his father’s firm belief that all children should learn how to swim and the pride he would get from seeing so many young swimmers taking part in this meet, saying “swimming and water safety were never far from his mind. He ensured that swimming – both this swim meet and the 5K open water – were a part of Pirates Week. It means a great deal to my family that Stingray continues to pay tribute to him with this meet.”

When Mike Lockwood passed away, former Stingray and national coach, Dave Kelsheimer, decided to rename the meet in his honour.

A new component of this meet is the food collection for the Lions Food Pantry. Stingray invited all swimmers taking part to bring donations of dry food for the pantry and, again, Cayman’s swimmers stepped up and the collected items will be donated to the Lions Club.

Stingray head coach David Pursley said of the event: “This was an exciting year for the Mike Lockwood memorial meet. The relay competitions were fierce, and the buzz on deck really gave the meet a strong team atmosphere. Stingray was able to walk away with countless lifetime best swims and even qualified a couple swimmers for the national junior team.

“December is when we are trying to be at our best in the short course season and I believe this past weekend gave our swimmers the confidence they need heading into the qualifying periods.”

Stingray placed first in the overall points standings, with 989 points; CBAC second (665 points); SMS third, (363 points); Brac Barracudas fourth (24 points); and SOCI fifth (nine points).

The high points winners for the girls were Leila Coak (U6, unattached); Libby Lea Neverilova (7-8, SMS); Lila Higgo (9-10, CBAC); Jillian Crooks (11-12 , CBAC); Sabine Ellison (13-14, CBAC); and Alison Jackson (15 & over, SSC).

The boys’ high point winners were Eben Lindley (U6, unattached); Charlie Dickson (7-8, SMS); Dominic Hilton (9-10, SMS); Stefano Bonati (11-12, CBAC); Jake Bailey (13-14, SSC); and Jordan Crooks (15 & over, CBAC).

“Meets such as this one are not possible without many, many volunteer hours – from certified officials who ensure meet runs according to FINA regulations to timers, to concession stand sales people, photographers and more,” said Kathy Jackson, meet director. “Thank you to all our volunteers who come together meet after meet, putting in hours and hours of their time and making swimming, in my opinion, one of the best-run competitive sports in Cayman.

“And thank you, too, to our swimmers for being incredible competitors and to their families who support them, and most importantly drive them to their very many training sessions.”

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  1. annonymous says:

    whose fault was that?!

  2. Mesha says:

    The Brac was not there CNS

    CNS: The information is taken straight from the press release sent from the organisers. Check with them.