Special Constables attend law enforcement conference

| 10/11/2017
CNS Local Life

Special Constables Wayne Bobb-Semple and Julius Blackwood at training in Dallas

(CNS Local Life): Three RCIPS Special Constables recently attended the VLEOA 2017 International Reserve Training Conference in Dallas, Texas. Hosted by the Volunteer Law Enforcement Officers Alliance, the conference, held 1-4 November, brought together volunteer law enforcement officers from Singapore, the US, Canada, the UK, the Bahamas, and the Cayman Islands, to participate in classes on various topics such as tactical medicine, cybercrime, and interrogation techniques.

The attendees also participated in courses on rappelling and shotguns as well as police vehicle operations, stated an RCIPS press release.

“I took part in a driving course which tested our reflexes and ability to adapt to various road obstructions. It really made me appreciate the skill it takes to drive in extreme conditions,” said Wayne Bobb-Semple, an RCIPS Special Constable with more than 10 years’ experience. “The conference in general gave me a chance to improve my own self-awareness as a police officer, and see how different law enforcement agencies handle various situations.”

Special Constabulary Inspector Julius Blackwood said that one of the moments that stood out to him was taking part in the ride along programme. “I was able to go on the scene of an actual drive-by shooting that took place whilst on patrol,” he said.

“Once the scene was deemed safe, we were able to walk around and make observations. In doing so I was able to bring to light a significant piece of evidence that other responding officers had missed.”

Chris Duggan, Commandant of the RCIPS Special Constabulary, added, “We are very proud to have been able to send these three gentlemen to the VLEOA 2017 Conference. Volunteer policing makes up a very important part of law enforcement around the world, and having our Special Constables train with their fellow volunteer officers will only benefit our island as they bring their newly gained knowledge back home.”

The annual conference is designed for volunteer officers with several years’ experience and has been going for the past nine years. This is Inspector Blackwood’s sixth time attending. In addition to Special Constable Bobb-Semple and Special Inspector Blackwood, Special Constable Derrick Williams also attended.

“It really was inspiring to meet other volunteer officers, some of whom have been doing this for over thirty years,” said Williams.

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