UCCI honours students on the Brac

| 11/12/2017
CNS Local Life

Honours students awarded on Cayman Brac (one unable to attend)

(CNS Local Life): The University College of the Cayman Islands (UCCI) held its first-ever honours convocation on Cayman Brac last month, with nine students recognised for achieving a GPA of 3.5 or above. UCCI Cayman Brac campus director Martin Keeley said it was very exciting to have the event on the island for the first time.

“I think it helps Brackers understand the value of having the Brac campus,” he said in a UCCI press release. “It also brought the community together and was a great way to reward our hardworking students…”

Echoing the sentiments of many attendees, UCCI alumnus and immigration officer Adam Clyne said in a speech, read out by Keeley since he could not attend the ceremony, that for many years, tertiary education in Cayman Brac was “such a fragile idea that people merely whispered about”.

Clyne said having UCCI as well as the Civil Service College was amazing as both enable Brackers to achieve things that they thought were impossible until a few years ago. “We live on a 12-mile long island in the middle of nowhere, and we can pursue higher education. This achievement would not have been possible if not for the hard work of educators that wanted better for Cayman Brac and the people who wanted the chance to further their studies but didn’t have the convenience of uprooting their lives and moving over to Grand Cayman.”

The convocation was made even more meaningful because Brac students, despite not having the same facilities and level of access to educators that their Grand Cayman counterparts have, also set a new record this semester, according to Keeley. “This is, in fact, the largest number of students we’ve had on the honour roll,” he said. “Two of them are graduates: Raquel Matute obtained a 4.0, the highest GPA for the Civil Service College, and Janet Eldridge was awarded the second highest GPA overall for the associate degrees.”

UCCI President Roy Bodden congratulated the honourees, saying, “Being able to hold an honours convocation at the Cayman Brac campus of UCCI, in my opinion, does two things. In the first instance, it speaks to the growing importance of Brac students to a developing UCCI. Secondly, it demonstrates the appreciation and respect the main campus holds for the Brac community.

“As president, I am delighted to witness this success and look forward to the continued growth and maturing of the UCCI Brac students.”

The honours convocation recognises students who have earned at least nine credits in the preceding term and have achieved a semester GPA of 3.75 or higher (President’s List) or 3.5-3.74 (Dean’s List). Special awards are also given to graduates who have achieved the highest cumulative GPA in their respective programmes.

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  1. PhD says:

    Does anyone actually understand what all this GPA means? The numbers are low so cannot be examination marks or percentages.
    ‘President’s List’ ‘Dean’s List’ what utter American claptrap. Is it that if UCCI was organised in the same way as UWI none of the students would achieve anything?

  2. Congrats says:

    Boy those Bracers are smart.