Cayman Heart Fund thanks governor

| 01/02/2018
CNS Local Life

Suzy Soto and Governor Helen Kilpatrick (L-R, front) and CHF board of directors at the luncheon

(CNS Local Life): The board of directors for the Cayman Heart Fund (CHF) recently took the opportunity to say thank you to Governor Helen Kilpatrick for her support of the nonprofit organisation. During a luncheon, CHF emeritus Suzy Soto commended the governor for her commitment to all the charities in the Cayman Islands.

Soto also thanked Kilpatrick for accepting the position of patron and expressed gratitude for her heartwarming support and kindness over the years, stated a CHF press release.

Kilpatrick will be stepping down from the CHF board at the beginning of March as she leaves the governor’s post in Cayman.

The board of directors said they wished the governor the best in the future. “It has been an honour having H. E. in these islands and we thank her for opening her heart and home to the Cayman Heart Fund,” said Soto.

The non-governmental CHF is dedicated to educating the public, influencing policy and supporting access to high quality healthcare through various programmes and initiatives.

For more information about the Cayman Heart Fund call 916-6324 or email CHF

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