DG’s 5K Challenge has big debut on Little Cayman

| 24/04/2018
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Franz Manderson with young participant Jhade Thompson

(CNS Local Life): The Deputy Governor’s 5K Challenge was held for the first time on Little Cayman on Sunday, 22 April, with nearly half the population signing up for the event. More than 60 people registered and around 45 actually participated in the walk/run, which was raising money for a “grow box” at the island’s two-student school.

“We had a great time on Little Cayman, with an amazing turnout for our debut there,” said Deputy Governor Franz Manderson in a  press release. “As our focus is on wellness and nutrition this year, it’s fitting that the children learn how to grow their own vegetables.”

The winner of the Little Cayman race was George Weston from Harneys law firm, who has been working in the Cayman Islands since the company’s offices in the British Virgin Islands were hit by two hurricanes last year. Little Cayman residents Stafford Ambersley and Ian Crocker took second and third place, respectively.

The event had a “distinctly laid-back island vibe”, said the press release, with chocolate croissants offered at the halfway point, and some participants facing a short delay while an airplane crossed the route.

“The 5K on Little Cayman yesterday, and Cayman Brac last weekend, have built up anticipation for the big event next Sunday on Grand Cayman,” said Manderson, “I’m looking forward to being joined by many people in the community for the 2018 DG’s 5K finale.”

Funds raised through this last event will benefit Cayman Islands Meals on Wheels, Feed Our Future, and the Kiwanis Club of Grand Cayman’s Buy-a-Kid-Breakfast programme.

Registration for the Grand Cayman event is open online at CaymanActive until 5pm Friday, 27 April. The entry fee is $25 for ages 18 and older and $10 for ages 17 and younger.


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  1. Whatcha Say says:

    Better yet, stop being part of the problem and keep your garbage off the streets and beaches. Since when did Caymanians become the exact same slobs they accuse expats of being?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Who cares. Clean up the garbage!!!!