Governor takes a tour of West Bay

| 30/04/2018
CNS Local Life

Governor Anwar Choudhury sits with Edith Ebanks, with (standing L-R) Charlie Ebanks, Lennie Ebanks, Roselle Jackson, Melanie Jackson, Rhonda Conolly, Patty Neesome and Debra Ebanks

(CNS Local Life): Governor Anwar Choudhury visited West Bay recently, as he continues on his goal to familiarise himself with the Cayman Islands and learn about the “real Cayman”. On the tour, the governor said there would be changes to the Christmas party at Government House starting this year, making the event more people oriented. He plans to invite each MLA to bring a set number of Caymanians from their district to attend.

“Government House is the people’s house,” he said during the tour, which took place Friday, 20 April, stated a press release. During the visit, he spent time with the district’s Caymanians “to see, talk with people and learn about the real Cayman”.

The governor greeted and chatted with district residents of all ages who opened their homes to him, offering drinks and Caymanian staples such as cassava cake, home-baked bread and corned beef sandwiches. His hosts also gave him small gifts from their home kitchens and gardens.

Among the many people he visited with were long-time mariner Capt. Kem Jackson; Minister Tara Rivers’ mother, Ludivene Dilbert; 99-year-old Ethel Ebanks, who turned 100 the next day; Francine Jackson; Huldah Ebanks, who will be 101 in May; Owen Farrington; Edith Ebanks; Carlon Powery; and Ivan Farrington, who runs the Hell attraction.

CNS Local Life

After lunch at Heritage Kitchen (L-R) Speaker McKeeva Bush, owners Rosa and Reynaldo Garcia, Governor Anwar Choudhury, Minister Tara Rivers and Deputy Governor Franz Manderson

Topics discussed with young, middle-aged and older Caymanians during the tour included crime, the need to get citizens’ security under control, the governor’s concern for native Caymanians, food prices, the Cayman Islands history and education, the need for a dedicated technical school, religion and how impressed Choudhury was from the outset by the genuine warmth of the people.

After the tour Choudhury stopped at Government House to pick up his wife, Momina, and the couple then attended a reception with West Bay residents at the Cayman Turtle Centre.

The couple received gifts including a traditional thatch rope bag; watched how the rope is made; mingled with community members; and enjoyed music, dancing and refreshments.

Choudhury was accompanied by Deputy Governor Franz Manderson on the tour, which was conducted by Speaker of the Legislative Assembly McKeeva Bush, Minister Tara Rivers, Councillor Capt. Eugene Ebanks and Deputy Speaker Bernie Bush.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Then the politicians will choose their friends and families?

    This needs to be coordinated by honest community minded persons who knows best.

    • Anonymous says:

      Then the events will be attended entirely by the sort of person calling herself an “honest community minded person”. Which basically means every church board member in Cayman will choose each other. No, not the way to choose attendees either.

      I’ve often thought about how one group never receives any recognition whatsoever for their roles – those serving on boards and tribunals. We seem to make it off of every list. Looks like commission members get on but a tribunal isn’t good enough.

      He’s right though, it is the people’s house. From what I hear he has been picking up on the fact that everyone who goes leaves early and doesn’t realise that is because never before have local guests been made to feel truly welcome. Local dignitaries in high office make their rounds to the house for more intimate meals and there are the bigger functions and the one or two where half the grounds and none of the house is open to the public. The business and volunteer communities seem to get the most face time and opportunity to enjoy the house because they do the most self-promotion and suggesting they take over the front or back for a day or an evening so people can talk about hedge funds or meals on wheels or whatever. The grounds no one gets to enjoy, and for no good reason either, considering the Governor is at work in town during the day. Time for change here.