Governor takes in Grand Cayman sights

| 05/04/2018
CNS Local Life

Governor Anwar Choudhury tries his hand at cleaning fish

(CNS Local Life): Governor Anwar Choudhury continued his familiarisation tours of the Cayman Islands Tuesday, 3 April, with visits to the fish market, the Mission House and Cayman Crystal Caves in Grand Cayman. Accompanied by Deputy Governor Franz Manderson, Choudhury began his tour at the fish market in George Town, where he was met by MLA Kenneth Bryan and a group of fishermen.

The governor “entered into the spirit of the day” by trying his hand at gutting a fish while chatting to the fishermen about their catch, said a press release.

Choudhury then continued on to the Mission House in Bodden Town where he was greeted by MLAs Dwayne Seymour, Anthony Eden, Alva Suckoo and Chris Saunders.

The party enjoyed a tour of the National Trust property to learn about life in days gone by, before moving next door to the Nurse Josie Senior Centre where Choudhury heard more about the island’s cultural heritage.

Former Speaker of the House Mary Lawrence and the women of the Bodden Town Heritage Committee showed the governor the artefacts in all the rooms of the heritage house, including the caboose.

The final stop on the tour was Cayman Crystal Caves where Choudhury, Manderson and the group of MLAs went underground to view the caverns.

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  1. Shawn H_____ says:

    This Governor is very “hands-on”, “up-close” and personal in his deep interest in the history, geography, culture, heritage and natives/people of the island; a unique one he is indeed. He is very curious in learning and understanding the true island life and heritage and to meet, learn and understand in very up-close personal encounters with the people. I’ve never seen one like this before, he’s super casual, simple, humble and friendly. It shall be very interesting to observe him during his time here as Governor. He seems like just a friendly, caring, sociable neighbour next door, so casual and cool! Nice 🙂 (And very intelligent/wise.)