Governor hosts World Red Cross Day event

| 31/05/2018
CNS Local LIfe

Red Cross Director Jondo Obi and Governor Anwar Choudhury

(CNS Local Life): Cayman Islands Red Cross (CIRC) volunteers and partners gathered at the governor’s residence for a celebration of World Red Cross Day on 8 May. Governor Anwar Choudhury welcomed the 123 attendees, as he recognised the importance of the work that they do every day.

Choudhury said he looked forward to seeing the strengthening of the relationship between the CIRC in its role as an auxiliary to the CI Government, especially in the area of disaster management and response, stated a CIRC press release. He expressed his gratitude for the contribution of the Red Cross globally, as well as his interest in learning more about the Cayman Islands branch. “Your work does not go unnoticed,” he said.

CIRC Director Jondo Obi tied the day’s event back to the history of the movement, which was started in 1859 by Henri Dunant. “May 8th is Henri Dunant’s birthday, and none of us would be here were it not for his vision and his faith in humanity,” she said, adding, “The Cayman Islands Red Cross was founded in 1961, and it has been working for this community since then. It was through the work of founders and volunteers that they were able to fundraise to purchase and donate the first-ever ambulance to the George Town Hospital.”

Janilee Clifford, the first secretary of the CIRC committee and the last surviving founder of the local branch, was also on hand along with past chairman Peter Milburn, both of whom were recognised for their “immeasurable contributions to the community and the development of the CIRC”, said the press release.

CIRC Deputy Director Carolina Ferreira organised a group activity to show the impact of the work they had done. “I’m going to read a statement and if it applies to you, you’ll get a sticker,” she told those attending. Within minutes, people were covered in stickers, giving them a visual of what they had done as individuals and as a group. “None of what we do would happen, were it not for you,” Ferreira added.

Deputy Chairperson Douglas Moffatt spoke about the capital campaign which will be launched shortly to raise funds for much-needed repairs and improvements of the CIRC’s headquarters. “Most of you know that our Red Cross headquarters is the first official shelter to open as a part of the national hurricane plan, and those of you who visit the building often also know that it is in desperate need of renovations,” he said.

“The board is acutely aware of this need and we are in the initial stages of our first-ever capital fundraising campaign to renovate the building. We were delayed by the devastating events of last year’s hurricanes, but those same events have served as a cautionary tale for us and strengthened our resolve to move forward with this project as quickly as possible.”

To learn more about the Cayman Islands Red Cross, donate to its programmes or building fund, or register for a training session, email CIRC or call 949-6785

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