International sailors to compete in Cayman

| 04/05/2018
CNS Local Life

(L-R) Cayman sailors George Hider and Matheo Capasso warm up before competing at the Orange Bowl Regatta in Miami in December 2017

(CNS Local Life): As part of this year’s spring regatta, the Cayman Islands Sailing Club (CISC) will be hosting its first-ever Youth Sailing Week, which is set to attract young sailors from all over the world. The activities, planned for both local and international sailors, are scheduled for 11-21 May, with the 2018 Spring Regatta taking place 19-20 May.

For the first time in Cayman sailing history, CISC is “expecting a strong and sizable international fleet”, the club said in a press release. “Young sailors will join us from Belgium, Canada, Ireland, the US Virgin Islands, Bahamas, and the Turks and Caicos and together with our own Cayman sailors, we expect the biggest fleet of young sailors to ever hit the waters of the North Sound,” CISC said.

Following that, Cayman’s young fleet will next compete overseas at a regatta in Austin, Texas, 1-3 June. Seven sailors will represent Cayman, some competing in their first overseas regatta, others vying for podium finishes, stated the press release. The national team is also preparing for the North American Championships in Mexico at end of June and the World Championships in Cyprus at the end of August.

In between those two championship events, the training programme for Cayman’s young sailors includes racing at the Irish and British nationals.

Youth Sailing Week will feature intensive training clinics for multiple classes of boats, hosted by CISC coaches as well as guest coaches from Europe.

CISC said the spring regatta “is a fantastic opportunity for spectators to come out and get an appreciation for what youth sailing is all about and to cheer on our Caymanian sailors in the face of what we know will be fierce international competition”.

Races will start at 10am on both Saturday and Sunday at CISC in Red Bay.

In addition, junior sailors are welcome to join the Compass Marine pico regatta, to be held 16 May at 3:30pm.

For more information email the Cayman Islands Sailing Club

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