Oncologist joins Cayman Islands Hospital

| 14/05/2018
CNS Local Life

Dr Basil Armonis (centre) with chemotherapy nurses Rosanna Humphreys-Johnson and Andrew Ward

(CNS Local Life): The Health Services Authority (HSA) has added a full-time medical oncologist to the staff of the Cayman Islands Hospital. Dr Basil Armonis, who is originally from Athens, Greece, has joined the HSA oncology team as a consultant medical oncologist.

“It is a pleasure to be a part of the HSA team and to be able to help patients in the Cayman Islands receiving the care they need and deserve close to home,” Dr Armonis said in an HSA press release. “Reducing the travel time for patients exposes them to less physical as well as less psychological distress, allows them more time to focus on healing and also spending quality time with family and friends doing the things they enjoy doing.”

Prior to Dr Armonis’ employment, Dr Gillian Wharfe, a visiting oncologist/hematologist, travelled from Jamaica at least once a month to treat patients. Dr Wharfe, who has been working with the HSA since 2002, will continue to provide medical care for patients with hematological conditions.

“Utilising the best medical equipment and technology science has to offer is just one aspect of quality medical oncology and cancer care,” said HSA Medical Director Dr Delroy Jefferson. “The other part, which is even more important, is the ability to deliver the best care possible in a way that is timely, accessible and efficient. Having Dr Armonis, who has a wealth of knowledge and experience in oncology, helps us to achieve this. It is what people in our community diagnosed with cancer need and deserve from their primary provider of healthcare services.”

Dr Armonis received his medical degree from the University of Rome and completed his fellowship in medical oncology (cancer care) at the University College London Hospital in UK. He earned a PhD for his pioneering translational research on breast cancer at the Department of Experimental Pharmacology of the University of Athens, in Greece. Before moving to the Cayman Islands he worked as Director Medical Oncologist in oncology teaching hospitals in Athens.


To make an appointment with Dr Armonis, call the Chemotherapy Unit at 244-2872

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