RCIPS and DEH help clean up Watler’s Road

| 06/05/2018
CNS Local Life

RCIPS and DEH help clean up Watler’s Road

(CNS Local Life): RCIPS community officers last week took part in their 10th community clean-up this year, heading to the Watler’s Road community Wednesday, 2 May. The officers started the initiative last year in West Bay who, in response to residents’ concerns, facilitated contacts and coordination among the Department of Environmental Health (DEH), community groups and local businesses.

The work involved bulldozing derelict buildings and removing abandoned cars. Similar initiatives continued this year in West Bay and the George Town waterfront, and extended to Earth Day clean-ups in Red Bay, Prospect, and Boatswain Beach; such work has now begun in other areas in George Town, said the RCIPS.

“The community has been very pleased with these clean-ups, and very involved in them as well,” said Robert Graham, Superintendent of Uniform Operations, “so our officers continued to facilitate and organise them with DEH and community groups in other districts. DEH has been pivotal in helping to make this happen, along with active residents.

“We are finding in our community policing programme so far that residents rank the beautification of their communities as one of their top priorities.”

Last month, at a community meeting for Watler’s Road, residents met with Joey Hew, Minister for Commerce, Planning and Infrastructure, and community officers, to voice their desire for such an initiative in their area.

At last week’s clean-up, DEH and community officers removed garbage and some derelict cars. Officers also placed abatement notices on nine cars.

“Beat officers are liaisons with the community and for the community, to help residents accomplish what they feel needs to get done in their area,” said Superintendent Graham.

Members of the public can now learn about the beat officers in their area and contact them through the RCIPS website

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