Minister’s message for World Blood Donor Day

| 14/06/2018
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Dwayne Seymour

Minister for Health Dwayne Seymour writes: Today (14 June), we in the Cayman Islands once again join global activities to mark World Blood Donor Day. This observance celebrates one the most noble of acts that we, as humans, can perform on behalf of our fellow community members.

A blood donor is a special kind of person who empathises deeply with others in distress or in need, even when they are complete strangers. This capacity and the gift of their blood, freely given, represent the difference between life and death to persons who require blood transfusions.

It is only fitting that every community in the world takes the time to shower praise on these special persons.

Yet, it is equally important that we increase the roster of blood donors in every community so that our blood bank is always able to meet the demand.

This is especially important in a small community such as the Cayman Islands. A single major emergency, God forbid should this occur, has the potential to seriously strain our supply of blood.

So it is crucial that as a community we find it in our hearts to donate blood. This year’s Blood Donor Day theme calls for potential donors to: “Be there for someone else. Give blood. Share life.”

I understand that another mobile blood drive is upcoming, in the coming weeks, similar to the hugely successful mobile drive last year. Two local corporate stalwarts, Car City and Hurley’s Media, will team up with the local Blood Bank at the Health Services Authority to conduct another mobile blood drive.

According to the blood bank, the number of units of blood transfused grew from 1,283 in 2016 to 1,560 in 2017, a healthy 21.6% increase. Even more impressively, the number of new donors registered an increased from 248 in 2016 to 836 in 2017, a massive 237% increase. At the same time, I should note this was in name only as actual donors only grew by 6.5%.

It is understandable that donors may falter — for personal reasons such as illness or expatriates leaving the island. Yet to take the important step and actually donate blood when sought by the blood bank requires committed individuals who understand why it is essential for us to always have healthy supplies readily available.

Consequently, we owe actual donors in the Cayman Islands a huge debt of gratitude for their selflessness.

I speak for the entire community when I salute our active blood donors from the bottom of my heart for your kindness that is often taken for granted.

It would be truly heartening if we as a community can come together and reward their magnanimity periodically. I call upon our considerable corporate establishments to work together to make this happen.

In the meanwhile, let us take the time to applaud our active donors. May their example inspire more in the community to also join them and donate blood when requested by our health team.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Against my religion, and I don’t want gays to get my blood.

  2. Anonymous says:

    oh Lord, we all know joke joke didn’t write that…