Student artists shine at National Gallery

| 21/06/2018
CNS Local Life

Young artists at the opening of the exhibition

(CNS Local Life): The National Gallery of the Cayman Islands (NGCI) is showcasing young peoples’ artwork at an exhibition titled, “Insight”, which is running until 6 July. The art was created during six Walkers’ Art Clubs held throughout the school year. The NGCI afterschool clubs benefit approximately 100 students, comprising pre-schoolers, foundation, primary school students, secondary school students, students from Cayman Brac, and teens who are studying for their final exams.

As the school year ends, students showcase highlights from the many projects they have been working on. The free exhibition, showing in the NGCI Dart Auditorium Community Gallery, has been curated by this year’s recipient of the gallery’s education internship, Tyra Ilton, stated an NGCI press release. The display consists of more than 300 pieces of art and includes a cross-section of mediums and styles.

Through a combination of hands-on instruction and individual experimentation with art foundation principles, students learn techniques, art history, self-confidence and how to form and articulate opinions about the work they are creating, said the release. In addition to individual art projects, they work in groups, which connects participants to one another across socio-cultural divides and encourages them to appreciate the unique abilities of their peers.

Tim Buckley, managing partner of sponsor Walkers, said at the 14 June opening, “We are very proud of the Walkers Art Club programme, which provides children in Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac, with free after school art classes. The programme is accessible to students of different ages and includes children from both public and private schools, encouraging new friendships and interaction through art.

“We are delighted to be invited to open the fifth annual Walkers Art Club exhibition and would like to congratulate Cayman’s talented young artists on the fantastic artwork they have produced this year.”

Now in its 13th year, the Walkers’ Art Club is a well-established programme, remaining in high demand amongst children and parents, said the release.

“The students have shown tremendous commitment to learning and developing their works over the course of the year, and this exhibition is a wonderful showcase of all that they have achieved, individually and together,” said NGCI director Natalie Urquhart. “We commend Walkers for their long-term commitment to this programme and are grateful for their ongoing support.”

For more information about the Walkers’ Art Clubs please call (945-8111) or email NGCI


Caption: Young artists at the opening of the exhibition

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