Trinity names Cayman student head prefect

| 25/06/2018
CNS Local Life

Zororo Mutomba

(CNS Local Life): Trinity College School (TCS) of Ontario has selected Cayman Islands resident Zororo Mutomba as incoming head prefect for the 2018-2019 academic year. In 2015, she was granted a merit-based full scholarship to attend TCS. The head prefect is the most prestigious student leadership position at the school, said TCS, with one male and one female graduating student selected each year by student and faculty vote.

Mutomba said she feels very honoured to have been chosen and is excited and optimistic for the upcoming school year, stated a TCS press release. She added she is looking forward to working with her fellow prefects and plans to ensure that all students, new and returning, continue to feel welcomed into the TCS community.

The daughter of Yoshneck and Emma Mutomba, she was born in Zimbabwe but has been a resident of Cayman since she was a young girl. At TCS, she has played on the school’s basketball and rugby teams and is known for her spoken poetry performed at many talent nights held on campus.

In celebration of Trinity College School’s sesquicentennial in 2015 and with the support of donors, the Cayman Islands Scholarship was introduced and Mutomba was selected as the first recipient. This merit-based scholarship includes full tuition (including boarding) for the duration of the student’s studies at TCS.

“I am so fortunate to have received the Cayman Islands Scholarship because without it I would not have attended TCS and had the opportunities I have had here,” she said. “I have played sports I’ve never thought of playing, like basketball and rugby, and I have enjoyed them all. I have made friendships I know will last a long time with my fellow peers.

“I have found mentors in different teachers and the overwhelming amount of support at TCS has helped me better myself academically. I would not trade the time I have had at TCS for anything and that is why I am so grateful to have received this scholarship.”

This fall, Trinity College School will be looking for a new Cayman Islands Scholarship recipient for the 2019-2020 school year.Interested Caymanian residents should email the school’s admissions office.

The first students from Cayman started attending Trinity College School in the early 1980s. The TCS Cayman branch now includes more than 100 alumni, students, and past and current parents, with 17 students currently enrolled.

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  1. Adolph Nyamugama says:

    Well done Zororo you made us proud. Keep flying the Zimbabwean Flag high. Iam so proud of you

  2. Wil says:

    Well done Zoro, you make us proud!

  3. Mai Linda says:

    Makorokoto Zoro!!!

  4. Job Chidziwa says:

    You have made us proud ,Zororo continue to work hard ,working with your fellow students and jistening to your teachers.Wish you the best your uncle from South Africa

  5. Anonymous says:

    So proud of you Zororo????

  6. Yoshneck Mutomba says:

    Well done Zozo.