YCLA recipient addresses NS Girls’ Brigade

| 28/06/2018
CNS Local LIfe

The Girls’ Brigade sings the 125th anniversary song

(CNS Local Life): The members, parents and leaders of the North Side Girls’ Brigade recently gathered for their annual closing awards and display ceremony at the William Pouchie Memorial Church Hall. All together, 30 girls received their bronze and silver award certificates and badges for completing the programme syllabus for the September 2017-June 2018 term, which comprised spiritual, educational, physical and service components.

The highlight of the ceremony was the motivational address by Young Caymanian Leadership Award (YCLA) recipient Faith Gealey, who spoke to girls on the importance of respect, stated a Girls’ Brigade press release. “Respect is one of the fundamental characteristics that we as a society are forgetting to instil in our children,” she said. “It goes far beyond just using basic courtesy but also encompasses respect for yourself, for people in authority, respect for our community and our environment.

“This is my second time during my year as the YCLA recipient that I have the opportunity to address girls in the Girls’ Brigade and I am so thrilled that I could bring this message to them. They were all so receptive to what was being said. It is programmes like Girls’ Brigade that help to shape our next generation and I am so thankful for the opportunity to participate with them in this small way. “

Two young ladies thanked Gealey for her remarks and presented her with a small token of appreciation. The evening closed with the girls singing “Celebrate In Girls’ Brigade Together”, written by Lau Swee San Michelle, a Sergeant of Girls’ Brigade Singapore, which is The Girls’ Brigade International 125th anniversary theme song.


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