Chess stays on the board in schools

| 23/08/2018
CNS Local Life

(L-R) Giorgio Subiotto of Ogier, and Chess in Schools coordinators Carlo Lee and Shaun Tracey

(CNS Local Life): For the second year running, law firm Ogier is sponsoring the Cayman Chess in Schools programme, which introduces year three pupils to the strategy game as part of the curriculum to build up a range of skills including critical thinking and advanced maths, alongside fostering students’ confidence and respect.

The initiative, launched in September 2017, is run by the Cayman Chess Club, whose mission is to develop generations of chess players and also represent the Cayman Islands in the international arena, stated a press release.

The programme involves a “chess master” teaching pupils in all government schools, and this year additional funding is being sought to expand into Cayman Brac.

CNS Local Life

Last year’s Grandmaster Junior Challenge

Ogier partner Rachael Reynolds said of the firm’s sponsorship, “We are proud to continue our support for this popular programme, which provides a fantastic way for children in Cayman to develop a range of valuable skills and to challenge and stretch themselves outside the classroom.

“Chess, of course, helps develop strategic thinking, analysis skills and patience, and so there are a range of benefits for children in learning to play chess at a young age. Ogier’s global charity and community focus is on education in its broadest sense, an approach that is central to the Chess in Schools programme.”

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