Cayman-Jamaica connection celebrated

| 01/11/2018
CNS Local Life

The Celebrate Cayman team which has been organising events marking the 60th anniversary of the Coat of Arms (L-R) Alfonso Wright, Kara Coe, Jana Bush, Kristy Watler and Marzeta Bodden

(CNS Local Life): The ties between the Cayman Islands and Jamaica were celebrated at a special Restaurant Month dinner on Thursday, 25 October. The meal featured a menu in which the pineapple was the star ingredient as that fruit holds great significance to both islands and is represented on both countries’ Coat of Arms.

Attending the dinner, which was held at The Wharf, was Acting Governor Samuel Bulgin; Premier Alden McLaughlin; Speaker of the House McKeeva Bush; Leader of the Opposition Ezzard Miller; Ministers Roy McTaggart, Joseph Hew, Juliana O’Connor Connolly and Dwayne Seymour; as well as Councillors Austin Harris, David Wight, Barbara Connolly and Captain Eugene Ebanks.

In addition, the Jamaican Honorary Consul Dr Joseph Marzouca, and Honorary Vice Consul Elaine Harris, members of the local Jamaican community, and clergymen were also in attendance.

During the dinner the premier spoke about the history of the Cayman/Jamaica relationship and significance of celebrating that interwoven history.

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