Governor tours govt administration building

| 12/11/2018
CNS Local Life

(L-R) Cabinet Office CFO Krista Seymour-Mohammed, Acting Director of Special Projects Robert Lewis, Governor Martyn Roper and Deputy Governor Franz Manderson during the tour

(CNS Local Life): Governor Martyn Roper visited the Government Administration Building Thursday, 8 November, guided by Deputy Governor Franz Manderson, with the familiarisation exercise spanning various ministries and portfolios, their sections and units. During the tour, the governor was introduced to all staff and ministers present by chief officers.

Following introductions, each gave an overview of their entity’s work, highlighting current activities and key strategic objectives, stated a government press release. As head of the civil service, Manderson then provided additional information on the entities and their key achievements this year, particularly in relation to the civil service’s five-year strategic plan to become world class.

The tour was the governor’s first opportunity to talk to many of the staff about their work.

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