Cayman’s heaviest twins born

| 19/12/2018
CNS Local Life

(L-R) Daughter Mya with parents Daniel Diaz, holding Daniel, and Katrina Banks, holding Daniella

(CNS Local Life): A pair of babies born recently at the Cayman Islands Hospital tipped the scales at a combined 16lb 15oz to become the heaviest twins on record to be born in the Cayman Islands. Daniel Matias James Diaz Banks and Daniella Valentina Diaz Banks arrived Wednesday, 12 December, delivered only a minute apart by caesarean section.

The previous twin births recorded in the Cayman Islands with combined weights exceeding 16lb was in 1992 with individual weights of 9lb 6oz and 7lb.

Babies Daniel and Daniella are in excellent condition after their birth to parents Katrina Banks and Daniel Diaz, said an HSA press release.

The twins were born full term at 38 weeks, a rare occurrence for multiple births, which usually takes place within 36 weeks, the release said. Daniel also surpassed the average weight for single babies – let alone twins – weighing 9lb 5oz while his sister weighed 7lb 10oz.

“I am really proud they were born so big and healthy. I feel like their safe delivery has been my greatest achievement of the year and I was so pleased with the quality of care I received at the hospital,” Katrina Banks said.

The twins were delivered by Dr Howard Deosaran, gynaecologist and obstetrician at TrinCay Medical Services, and midwife nurse Karen Rowden. Dr Deosaran noted that the average gestational age for twins is 36 weeks, with preterm labour occurring more often in these births than in single births.

“It’s very rare that you have a set of twins this size, born completely healthy with no need for neonatal intensive care,” he said in the press release. “Mrs Banks remains very healthy as well, without any complications from the delivery. This positive outcome is one of many wonderful examples of how private-public partnerships continue to help provide the best medical care for the people of these islands.”

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