Special Needs Foundation gets Christmas gifts

| 30/12/2018
CNS Local Life

Staff of the Portfolio of Legal Affairs donate Christmas gifts to Special Needs Foundation representatives

(CNS Local Life): Staff in the Portfolio of Legal Affairs (PoLA) recently donated about 70 Christmas presents to the Special Needs Foundation Cayman. PoLA representatives presented the gifts on Monday 17 December, after the staff decided to launch a tradition of giving back to the community at Christmas, which they began by donating gifts to the special needs children aged up to 18 years.

Taking part in the gift donation were PoLA’s Acting Solicitor General and Acting Chief Officer, Dawn Lewis; Financial Administrator, Shemina McLaughlin; and Administrative Secretary Tesia Scott, stated a press release.

“We know that there are disadvantaged persons who could benefit from the community’s generosity,” Lewis sad. “We plan to have an annual Christmas charity drive. The staff selected this charity to bring awareness to the foundation’s vision.”

The mission statement of the foundation, which was founded in 2008, states it is dedicated to the development and provision of appropriate and comprehensive support services for persons with special needs.

For more information, go to Special Needs Foundation website

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