Good sports at George Town Primary

| 17/02/2019
CNS Local Life
George Town students at their sports day (CLICK TO ENLARGE)

(CNS Local Life): George Town Primary School students had a chance to show off their skills in track and field during two days of sports held at the adjacent Annex Field. Several government officials were on hand to encourage the youngsters as they competed in various events at their inter-primary sports competition on 7 and 8 February.

George Town Principal Sharon Campbell-Danvers told CNS Local Life all the students took part, with the event spread over two days “to give every child an opportunity to participate. Those who did not actually go on the field cheered for their houses and classmates and kept the excitement alive in the stands.”

She explained that in addition to giving the students time outside of the classroom, participating in sports day “is a key feature of our curriculum to be able to identify our teams for the primary championship”.

Noting the “display of exceptional skills and talents on both days”, she added, “Both days were not only about winning but healthy competition. The students and parents had fun.”

The principal also pointed out that students who were not athletic were able to “showcase their skills” in the math competition and other events.

The students of Hibiscus house won the day ahead of Shamrock and Zinnias.

A number of MLAs and government officials came out to support the students over the two days including Councilors Barbara Conolly (Education) and David Wight (Sports), MLA Kenneth Bryan, Department of Education Services Director Lyneth Monteith and DES Senior Customer Service Manager James Watler.

Bryan, who attended Thursday’s events, said he presented medals and was there to encourage the students. He ended up spending the whole day with the youngsters.

Noting the officials who took part, Campbell-Danvers said, “Each year we look forward to having our different representatives participating in the event by handing out ribbons or trophies. It is always a pleasure to have the various officials as their presence demonstrates that they care about the children.”

See more photos of the George Town Primary School sports day, supplied by Kenneth Bryan (click to enlarge)

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