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| 11/02/2019
CNS Local Life
Logo for International Day of Women and Girls in Science

(CNS Local Life): The Gender Affairs Unit of the Cayman Islands Government is marking the fourth annual International Day of Women and Girls in Science today (11 February). The observance was made official by a resolution adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in December 2015.

According to the website dedicated to the observance, the original sponsorship by more than 65 countries signalled “the global community’s interest in transforming our world through achieving gender parity in educational opportunity and scientific participation and preparation”.

The purpose of the annual day of commemoration is to:

● promote the full and equal participation of women and girls in education, training, employment and decision-making processes in the sciences,

● eliminate all discrimination against women, including in the field of education and employment,

● overcome legal, economic, social and cultural barriers thereto by, among other things, encouraging the development of science education policies and programming, including school curricula, as appropriate, to encourage greater participation of women and girls,

● promote career development for women in science, and

● recognise the achievements of women in science.

Cayman’s efforts are underway to support these aims, the government said in a press release, adding the concepts are supported by the Gender Equality Law, 2011.

And data from the Scholarship Secretariat shows that in a breakdown by gender, a majority of the 37% of its overseas students pursuing STEM-related majors is female, at 57%.

STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) subjects are also the focus of the National Science Education Strategy 2018-2023, introduced by the Ministry of Education.

The Gender Affairs Unit said in the press release it “recognises the important contribution of the science and technology community to sustainable development and in promoting the empowerment, participation and contribution of women and girls in science, technology and innovation”.

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