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| 06/03/2019
CNS Local Life
Deputy Governor Franz Manderson (left) presents Employee of the Month certificate to Collins Oremule (CLICK TO ENLARGE)

(CNS Local Life): Royal Cayman Islands Police Services (RCIPS) Detective Inspector Collins Oremule earned the first Cayman Islands Government Employee of the Month honours for 2019 with his January award. Deputy Governor Franz Manderson recognised the officer, who is with the Criminal Investigation Department of the RCIPS.

“You have been described as a tenacious investigator who works tirelessly to reduce crime within the Cayman Islands,” Manderson said during the presentation on Wednesday, 27 February at police headquarters in Elizabethan Square.

Manderson acknowledged DI Oremule for being a part of the team that helped decrease burglaries by approximately 30 per cent, and his dedication to the job is never in question, stated a press release. As an example, while on vacation in December 2018 DI Oremule was called in to assist with a serious incident on Christmas Day which resulted in him and his team working during the entire holiday season without a day off to apprehend and charge the offender.

“This is a testament to his dedication and leadership. You are known as an excellent DI who leads by example,” Manderson added. “The RCIPS considers you to be the ‘corporate memory’ for major cases, which is one of the main reasons that your services are being sought by colleagues.”

Ministry of Human Resources and Customs & Border Control Chief Officer Wesley Howell lauded DI Oremule for his dedicated service to the community. “By working with our communities to detect and reduce criminality, you help to make these islands a safer place to live,” he said. “You do this by building trust and confidence through direct interactions with members of the community and by being victim-focused, for which we are most grateful.”

Commissioner of Police Derek Byrne commended DI Oremule for exemplifying the government’s core values of passion, integrity and professionalism, stated the press release. “He has demonstrated excellent consistently during his service and is regarded as a highly-competent mentor and coach imparting his knowledge, skills and experience to young and less experienced officers to improve job performance,” Byrne said in the press release.

“He has significant corporate memory with a reputation for keeping victims updated. He understands community and service and he delivers. I congratulate DI Oremule on receiving this very prestigious award and thank the deputy governor for the recognition he has given to DI Oremule and by extension the RCIPS. Going forward, I believe that RCIPS will have several committed officers and civilian staff that can aspire to achieve what DI Oremule has achieved here today,” the police commissioner added.

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