Beach renamed in honour of Consuelo Ebanks

| 14/05/2019
CNS Local Life
Officials unveil the commemorative plaque, with Consuelo Ebanks’ mother, Doris Yates (sitting)

(CNS Local Life): Almost exactly six years after she passed away, Consuelo Ebanks has been memorialised with the renaming of South Sound Community Beach in her honour. At the Thursday, 9 May, ceremony attended by government officials, Ebanks’ family and friends, and members of the public, a sign identifying “Consuelo’s Beach” and a plaque recounting her contributions were unveiled.

The engraving on the plaque said in part, “Anna ‘Consuelo’ Yates Ebanks spent her life enhancing, protecting and conserving all things Caymanian. Consuelo dauntlessly advocated for her beloved Cayman Islands. Her interests encompassed nature, our marine environment, our cultural and maritime heritage, the theatre and public recreation.”

The plaque also described the history of the site, which once was the location of a house occupied by Dr Marco Giglioli, who founded the Mosquito Research and Control Unit. After the house was demolished, Ebanks “spearheaded a movement to convert the overgrown plot into a beautiful beach site that would benefit the South Sound community, residents and visitors alike”.

CNS Local Life
The plaque memorialising the contributions of Consuelo Ebanks

She then enlisted others to help clear the site, pave the parking area and landscape the grounds, with the public park and beach named Consuelo’s Beach “to commemorate her vision for this beach and her tireless commitment to all things Caymanian”, the plaque said.

In his remarks at the ceremony, Premier Alden McLaughlin said, “Her concerns were always, always about the environment.” He also noted her forthright manner. “From time to time she supported me politically; she told me when she did, she told me when she didn’t,” he said.

McLaughlin recalled how he thought “for a number of years” about how to “memorialise Consuelo and her contributions in a permanent way that those who come after us who did not know who she was, would understand her immense contributions”.

Rita Estevanovich, who knew Ebanks for 20 years as an artist and performer, spoke at the ceremony and recited a poem, saying she felt “honoured” to take part. Calling the renaming a “beautiful gesture”, Estevanovich told CNS, “It’s a way to make this part of her legacy. Future generations when they enquire about the beach and its name, they will learn about this vibrant, outspoken activist who was fearless in her approach to discussions about conservation.”

Estevanovich added that Ebanks “was a great storyteller with a fantastic sense of humour… Sometimes we look at people’s weaknesses and see parts we are uncomfortable with instead of the whole person. When you look at the whole person of Consuelo, you see a great Caymanian voice who, thankfully with this recent gesture, will not be forgotten.”

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  1. South Sounder says:

    Can only imagine Consuelo’s reaction to the Port proposal……….. she would have had those signatures months ago!!! Well deserved of this honor. May she RIP.

    • Anonymous says:

      Not even close. It seems now days that honor badges are given out like candy. It seems like an “E” in the surname earns an automatic “A” for minimal consideration.

  2. Spell-check says:


    CNS: Thank you! The name has now been corrected.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Just another finisher ribbon being given out.