CCMI celebrates reefs for World Oceans Day

| 28/05/2019
CNS Local Life
View of a coral reef in Cayman

(CNS Local Life): The Central Caribbean Marine Institute (CCMI) has organised a local celebration of World Oceans Day with Healthy Reefs activities taking place Saturday, 8 June at the Camana Bay Cinema. CCMI aims to highlight how people can contribute to keeping the coral reefs healthy by asking participants to share their plans to protect this resource by making a Healthy Reefs Resolution on camera.

CCMI will also be launching the Healthy Reefs Challenge, a five-month effort that will run through 15 October, to enable both individuals and companies/organisations to participate in a series of activities which will make a difference to the oceans and promote healthy coral reefs.

Participants will report on their efforts every month, sharing photos and results from the challenge items on the list, CCMI explained in a press release. Efforts will be assigned points, and the winners of both the individual and company/organisation challenge will be announced at the Festival of Seas Gala on 16 November. Registration for the Healthy Reefs Challenge can be done online.

In addition, at 1:45pm, registered participants will join CCMI scientists and educators in Little Cayman on a “virtual dive” during the Reefs Go Live broadcast. The dive team will showcase the coral reefs during the live event. CCMI staff will talk about why coral reefs are important, some of the threats they are facing, and what the institute is doing to protect and restore the reefs in the Cayman Islands, the press release said.

Attendees are encouraged to arrive shortly ahead of the Reefs Go Live broadcast so they can make their resolution and learn more about the Healthy Reefs Challenge. After registering and making a resolution, participants can enter the cinema for the broadcast, which will run from 1:45pm-2:30pm.

Organisers request people register online ahead of the event, which is free due to corporate and government support.

For more information on CCMI and its events and projects, go to its website

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