Governor hosts celebration of Red Cross

| 17/05/2019
CNS Local Life
Jondo Obi awards Governor Martyn Roper the Red Cross pin

(CNS Local Life): In recognition of International Red Cross Day, Governor Martyn Roper hosted 115 volunteers and partners of the Cayman branch of the charity at Government House on 8 May. In welcoming the group, Roper noted the importance of the work of the Red Cross volunteers locally, regionally and globally.

Jondo Obi, director of the Cayman Islands Red Cross (CIRC), tied the event back to the history of the movement, which began in 1859 through Henri Dunant. “May 8th is Henri Dunant’s birthday, and none of us would be here were it not for his vision and his faith in humanity,” she said. 

Dunant founded the organisation based on seven fundamental principles: humanity, impartiality, neutrality, independence, voluntary service, unity and universality, said a CIRC press release. Since its official establishment in 1863, the Red Cross movement has grown to include 190 National Societies, making it the world’s largest volunteer organisation, with 110 million volunteers and partners working to alleviate human suffering and to bring compassion, kindness and humanity to every corner of the globe, the press release said.

The CIRC celebrated International Red Cross Day by highlighting the diversity of its volunteers and partners. The 200 active volunteers who participate in the four CIRC programmes – disaster management, first aid and CPR training, thrift shop and community outreach, and child sexuality education and protection – come from 30 countries and speak a multitude of languages. To highlight the wide variety of these volunteers, the CIRC team had the evening’s attendees take part in a trivia game, where participants competed for a prize, while learning facts about Red Cross National Societies in the region and around the world.

The event closed with Obi awarding Roper the Red Cross pin, and thanking him for his patronage and recognition of the work and diversity of the CIRC.

To learn more about the Cayman Islands Red Cross, to donate or to register for a training session, email or call 949-6785

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