Teen panel to discuss dealing with stress and anxiety

| 14/05/2019

Child Month’s Teen Panel meeting tomorrow (Thursday, 16 May 2019) is seeking adolescents’ views on how they cope with stress caused by a variety of factors including the peer pressure surrounding social media, societal expectations, self-esteem issues and exams.

            The panelists from government and private high schools are between 14 and 17 years old and will include two from Layman E. Scott High School in Cayman Brac. The 90-minute roundtable discussion at George Town Town Hall is being organised by the Department of Children and Family Services and is will be moderated by Zoe Conolly Basdeo of the Alex Panton Foundation.

            “This Thursday’s Teen Panel topic is “Navigating Stress and Anxiety during Adolescence,” confirmed DCFS Director Paulinda Mendoza-Williams.

            “Local and overseas studies increasingly show that stress has become an invidious presence in the lives of our children. As a community we must do whatever is in our power to understand and address this problem. It has also been shown that in some cases mental wellbeing can be seriously compromised. Therefore in trying to safeguard our children, it is vital that we find out what they themselves think can be done to alleviate stress and anxiety and what they think are the most common stressors for teenagers in the Cayman Islands.”

            The Director also pointed out that the topic was part of a larger initiative giving community presentations on bullying, emotional wellbeing and young persons at risk being organised by the Alex Panton Foundation in partnership with the Ministry of Community Affairs.

            Thursday’s Teen Panel is open to members of the public and is from 4.30pm to 6 p.m. Highlight’s of the discussion will be aired on CIGTV’s YouTube channel.

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