Cayman Airways goes cashless at all US locations

| 26/06/2019

Cayman Airways is advising customers that, effective Monday July 15, 2019, the airline will be going “cashless” for all transactions at all of its cargo and airport locations in the United States.

As of July 15, 2019, all Cayman Airways locations in the US will accept payment by debit or credit card only. This will apply to all payments normally processed at ticket counters and cargo facilities, including baggage fees, Business Class upgrades, and other ancillary purchases.

Passengers with upcoming travel to the US who anticipate not being able to pay by debit or credit card, may visit a Cayman Airways ticket office in the Cayman Islands and prepay for the necessary charges by cash. This must be done prior to departure.

Additionally, most airport locations also have third party cash-to-card vending machines available should these be required by passengers. 

Cayman Airways thanks all passengers for their cooperation and understanding, in the airline’s ongoing commitment to providing safe processes and procedures for all financial transactions.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    So if I bring you US cash to the ticket counter and pay you for goods/services that are based on being on US soil – then you are going to refuse my money! I am going to need to contact Wilbur Ross or somebody in the Trump administration to let them know that a foreign based company is imposing restrictions on citizens travelling from US airports to the Cayman Islands. Just does not seem right to me that Cayman Airways is severely inconveniencing passengers while they are in the US and this policy is not implemented in the Cayman Islands

    Plenty of Caymanians and expats do not have credit or debit cards, they use good old fashioned cash.

    But somewhere in the corporate offices of Cayman Airways, in their infinite wisdom, those affecting such decisions think it is best. Not quite sure I get it, when paying by credit card, Cayman Airways pays a fee to the provider. So, Mr. Fabian Whorms, please humour me with an explanation that makes sense – safe processes and procedures for all financial transactions -implies that Cayman Airways is incapable of collecting cash, securing it and depositing it. So what about the credit card/debit card paper trail, got to sign something, got to produce a receipt, go to store it somewhere and some bean counter still needs to ensure all that is done right – please Mr. Whorms enlighten me further to this moronic policy that is to be instituted.

    If this moronic policy does get fully implemented may I suggest:
    1. Identify on your website, the location of all cash to card machines at US airports that you are allowed to operate in.
    2. Put information in #1 in your inflight magazine.
    3. Train all pertinent US staff on new procedures, including what to do when a cash to credit machine is down.
    4. Be sure to inform passengers of the new policy. What are we to do if their isn’t access to a cash to card machine? What if our credit card is over the limit and gets rejected? Yet we got the cash.

    On behalf of all the passengers who are going to experience problems with this moronic policy – stop the madness.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Pay by card only? What a GREAT idea. Our beloved CAL has found yet another way to inconvenience its Caymanian passengers! Way to go!!