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| 18/06/2019
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Janice Blumenthal (second from left) of Department of Environment, who spoke to KPMG employees Tuesday, 18 June, about Cayman’s environmental zones, with (L-R) Ané Wessels, Samantha Hennings and Lou-Anne McMillan of KPMG

(CNS Local): To celebrate Environmental Month, KPMG is running a series of initiatives, encouraging employees to become more environmentally conscious. Partnering with local experts and organisations for a series of talks, the company is hosting the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation (GHOF), Refuel Cayman Islands, the Department of Environment and the Department of Environmental Health throughout June to present topics ranging from in-office recycling efforts to local wildlife censuses, such as shark tagging.

Employees are also getting involved in a series of environmentally-friendly activities in June and throughout the year, stated a KPMG press release. The initiatives include regular beach clean-ups around the island, taking part in local efforts to clean Cayman’s damaged coral, and participating in lionfish culls. KPMG also sponsored the recently screened Stingray Chronicles Part 2 documentary in partnership with GHOF, which focuses on Cayman’s stingray population and conservation efforts.

To drive awareness across the firm, KPMG is holding a sustainable eating challenge, where participates are encouraged to eat as sustainably as possible for a week, as well as limiting single-use plastics and non-biodegradable cutlery and cups.

KPMG’s new office has numerous environmentally conscious features, including solar panels, compostable cutlery and cups, an in-house recycling system and the ‘Follow-Me’ printing software, which helps to reduce users’ carbon footprints by only printing when physically prompted at the machine.

Employees received a ‘Give Me Tap’ water bottle and signed a pledge to limit single-use plastics, instead using a Vivreau filtered water system to fill their water bottles. ‘Give Me Tap’ is a global initiative to stop the use of plastic water bottles, while raising funds for clean-water projects in Africa. Each bottle purchased provides clean drinking water to someone living in Africa for five years. 

The office also does not provide any plastic cups or cutlery and uses stationery made from recyclable material.

“Environmental Month is a great reminder of the importance of implementing a more sustainable way of living and working,” said Samantha Hennings, manager in advisory and head of community impact at KPMG.

“From the outset of the new office project, there was a commitment to ensure that the building was constructed to the highest energy and environmental design standards, with a focus on reduced water usage and energy-saving features.”

Noting that KPMG firms worldwide are implementing green changes, she added, “There is no reason why it should be any different in Cayman, especially with our delicate eco-system. “We are proud to work closely with local partners and government departments in order to spread the word and implement change. It’s great to see colleagues getting involved both with the local initiatives and day-to-day efforts in office. We’re looking forward to continuing these combined efforts throughout Environmental Month and into the future.”

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