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| 18/06/2019
CNS Local Life
Sylma Brown, director CTO-USA

(CNS Local Life): The Caribbean Foundation, originally launched in 1989, has been officially renamed the CTO Scholarship Foundation to clarify the organisation’s purpose and enable the public to understand its goals. Sylma Brown, director CTO-USA and foundation treasurer, explained its aim is to “provide scholarships to Caribbean nationals who are seeking to advance themselves in the various fields associated with tourism in the Caribbean”.

The CTO Scholarship Foundation is a 501(C)3 approved charity in the US and “we wanted to ensure that potential donors knew that contributions are tax deductible under US IRS laws”, Brown explained in a press release.

The foundation aims to train and develop future leaders for the Caribbean tourism industry by funding studies in tourism and tourism-related subjects, hospitality and language. Since its inception, it has generated more than US$1 million in scholarship funds and has provided more than 280 grants and scholarships, the release said. The money spent thus far has been raised from various fundraising efforts and through the support of a few major corporations.

All money generated through fundraising is used for scholarships. The foundation is managed by a board of directors, comprising private and public sector individuals, who dedicate their time and talent to support and guide the efforts of the organisation, the release said.

“We have been providing study grants and scholarships for more than 20 years and are very proud that the CTO Scholarship Foundation has made a difference in the lives of many Caribbean youth and working professionals and their respective families,” said Jacqueline Johnson, chair of the CTO Scholarship Foundation.

“As we further the education of Caribbean nationals in the tourism industry we equip them to lead their countries to greater prosperity in the future as tourism is the leading driver of GNP in the region,” Johnson said, adding, “There is nothing more important that one can do today than prepare for tomorrow.”

The foundation provides financial assistance to Caribbean nationals interested in pursuing studies in tourism and hospitality, and supports tourism employees wanting to improve their foreign-language skills. Grants are provided to people studying at any level of certification, and scholarships are offered to people studying at a master’s (post graduate) level. Those granted these awards and scholarships must demonstrate academic excellence and leadership potential.

The Bonita Morgan Memorial Scholarship, named for the woman who was a driving force behind the scholarship programme for 20 years, is one of several new scholarships introduced this year in an enhanced and expanded programme. These scholarships provide up to $5,000 in fields comprising public relations and communications; tourism education or human resources development; hotel, resort, or villa development, design and/or planning; and aviation or air transport technologies.

For more information about the scholarship programme go to the CTO Scholarship Foundation website. Corporations interested in sponsoring the programme can call Sylma Brown at (212) 635-9530 or email


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