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| 28/04/2015
Cayman News Service

Popping In by Heidi Bassett Blair

(CNS): The National Gallery of the Cayman Islands (NGCI) is taking a closer look at fine-art photography through the exhibition Plastic in Paradise – Scenes of Real Life Fictions by Heidi Bassett Blair, which will run through 3 July. The body of work is the artist’s response to her moments as both a youth and adult.

The large-format images are creations of what has either already happened or the representation of a previous experience, according to the gallery. Some of the scenes are completely candid, while others are staged, based on a moment that has passed or on the characteristics of the subjects she is photographing, places she has travelled to, or references to art history and popular culture.

NGCI Director and co-curator of the exhibition, Natalie Urquhart, said, “We are always exploring ways to present new mediums at the National Gallery, and while we have featured several photography exhibitions, most have highlighted the strong documentary photography practice that we have in Cayman. Heidi’s work is a departure from this genre.”

Blair weaves together truth and fiction to create a narrative of both a real and imagined world, drawing attention to the complex relationship between the plastic and paradise. Helium balloons compete with coconut palms; a beautiful landscape and a plastic blow-up pool toy intersect nature with the factory-made.

The exhibition is accompanied by a series of events including special lectures, activities for families and photography workshops. There will also be photography books for sale in the NGCI Gift Shop. Urquhart added, “With a rich programme of events, we hope to engage and inspire.”

For a complete programme of events and details on this exhibition,  email or call 945-8111.


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