Trinity College awards scholarship to local student

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Donald F. Hunter Scholarship winner, Cameron McWatt, with the Cayman Islands Scholarship recipient, Zororo Mutomba

Donald F. Hunter Scholarship winner, Cameron McWatt, with the
Cayman Islands Scholarship recipient, Zororo Mutomba

(CNS): Trinity College School of Ontario has awarded its new Cayman Islands Scholarship to local student Zororo Mutomba. Following on from its Donald F. Hunter Scholarship, which has been offered since 1992 and concludes this year, the merit-based award covers full tuition and board for the duration of the student’s studies at the school.

Headmaster Stuart Grainger announced the award of the scholarship at the college’s inaugural Cayman Islands Branch reception in January, as part of Trinity’s global celebrations of its 150th anniversary.

Mutomba, who was born in Zimbabwe and moved to the Cayman Islands as a young girl, was one of 22 students who were tested and interviewed during an admissions trip to Cayman. Twelve students were shortlisted for consideration based on test results and their overall application, with five students then interviewed by a panel of faculty.

TCS Director of Admissions Kathy LaBranche said, “Zororo is an outstanding young woman – an academic, an athlete and a leader,” adding that all five finalists were excellent candidates.

Over the 23 years TCS has been awarding scholarships to Caymanian students, there have been 11 recipients: Samantha Widmer, Jacqueline Eberts, Carol Phelps, Praveen Alla, Krishan Welcome, Krista McCoy, Abali Hoilett, Chelsea Smith, Tracey Forbes, Joe Roberts and the current awardee, Cameron McWatt.

With the Hunter scholarship concluding this year, Trinity is extending its commitment with the new Cayman Islands Scholarship, for future promising Caymanian students. Scholarship winners will become part of a growing TCS community in the Cayman Islands, which includes more 100 alumni, current students, and past and current parents.

The first students from Cayman attended the school in the early 1980s, and it is becoming the leading Canadian boarding school for Cayman families with 11 local students enrolled.


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