Charity campaign proves every second counts

| 25/06/2015
Cayman News Service

Adrian Lynch, Aon managing director

(CNS): Aon Cayman is challenging everyone to “be a hero and do something amazing with your extra second”. On 30 June at midnight the atomic clock gains a ‘leap second’ to keep it synced with the earth’s rotation.

Because the earth’s spin is not constant, scientists created the atomic clock in the 1950s to keep precise track of time. What they found was there was always a gap between Earth time and the atomic clock because of the inconsistency of the Earth’s speed. They then created the UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) and, at least once every 10 years, an extra second is added to the UTC.

The company is issuing a challenge to everyone in Cayman by asking, “What will you do with your extra second?” The campaign aims to support and raise awareness for Cayman’s Special Olympics team, as these athletes prepare for their competition in the 24th Special Olympics World Summer Games in Los Angeles this July.

To participate, go to to register and Aon will contribute up to $5,000 to help Cayman’s Special Olympians in their quest to bring home medals from the Games.

Aon managing director Adrian Lynch said the company’s entire Cayman staff is fully behind this initiative. “At Aon, little things, like a single second, matter a great deal and we are committed to doing those little things in an amazing way,” he said.

“We are big supporters of Cayman’s Special Olympics team because these are people who are committed to doing amazing things every day.”

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