Braccanal organisers give back

| 25/06/2015
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Braccanal committee members present a microwave to the Kirkconnell Community Care Centre

(CNS): The volunteers behind the annual Braccanal Carnival have donated the funds remaining from the 2015 festivities to three local charities. The Braccanal committee has given $150 to the Rotary Club of Cayman Brac (the founders of Braccanal), $100 to the Cayman Islands Outreach Programme and $200 to the Kirkconnell Community Care Centre for the elderly.

Each year, the flights fill up and the road overflows with revellers who come to Cayman Brac to enjoy the Braccanal Carnival. The event is organised by the 18-member volunteer Braccanal committee, whose main aim is to highlight Cayman Brac as a tourist destination.

The committee works to create an exuberant carnival experience while displaying the beauty of Cayman Brac and its residents.

The festivities unite people of all cultures through music and celebration but, after the festival, the committee’s work continues.  These volunteers support the Brac community by donating any remaining funds to various local charities.

Anyone interested in providing additional help can email the Braccanal committee.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Such an amazing group of people. Keep up the good work Braccanal Committee! You are truly and inspiration and bettering the tourism industry for the Brac!