CIFA coaches clubs on laws of the beautiful game

| 25/09/2015
Cayman News Service

Bruce Blake, acting CIFA president

(CNS): To get all players, coaches and team managers caught up on recent changes to FIFA rules, the Cayman Islands Football Association (CIFA) referee’s department will spend the 2015-16 season educating everyone involved.

The International Football Association Board, the official governing body for the laws of the game, determines the structure of the laws and has approved various amendments in recent years. However, not all players and coaches in Cayman are familiar with these changes.

To ensure all those involved in the game understand the laws and thus create a better relationship among referees, players and coaches, the CIFA referee’s department has taken on the role of teacher.

Livingston Bailey, chairman of the CIFA referee committee explained the significance of the initiative. “It is important that referees, players, coaches and all involved in football are cognizant of laws of the game, especially Law 11 ‘offside’, which is the shortest of the 17 laws but creates a lot of controversy,” he said.

Bailey added that referee instructors will be meeting with CIFA clubs throughout the season to bring them up to speed on various amendments and sensitise them to the concepts of how the 10 penal fouls are interpreted and sanctioned.

Acting CIFA president Bruce Blake said, “We are committed to improving football at all levels and this initiative will certainly help to enhance the knowledge of players and coaches respectively. Understanding the laws of the game will no doubt alleviate some of the misconception as it relates to referees’ decisions and create a better atmosphere with respect to fair play and the enjoyment of the game.”

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