Local businesses ‘interview’ John Gray students

| 22/02/2016
Cayman News Service

(L-R) Jordana Clarke “interviews” Allena Rankine

(CNS): Year 11 students at John Gray High School took part in mock interviews on Wednesday, 16 February as part of Career Activities Week. The interviews were intended to help the students prepare for future careers when they leave school. A number of local businesses sent staff members to interview the youngsters in simulated job interviews, asking questions they would expect real-life candidates to answer.

“The idea behind the interviews was to provide students with an opportunity to demonstrate their interviewing skills and receive constructive feedback from industry professionals,” said career services manager Heather-Ann Cahill who, with her team of career advisors, organised the event.

“Additionally, students were able to network with company representatives and received excellent advice, information and guidance as they prepare to apply for summer employment or upcoming internship positions.”

Other highlights of Career Activities Week were a motivational speech by Olympic swim coach Bailey Weathers and a visit by Minister of Education Tara Rivers and ministry Chief Officer Christen Suckoo at the Career Fair on Thursday, 19 February.

Local businesses were also showcased on Thursday, with staff engaging with Year 9 and Year 11 students on what it takes to pursue a career in their companies.

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