How secret is the local Masonic Lodge?

| 20/03/2016

I have one question about one organisation on the list (Group needed for single moms) —  The Lodge! When you press on their link it comes up blank. Secret Society they are! Why is their link not working? (Or is it me doing something wrong trying to get it to work?)

Auntie’s answer: I will assume that you are referring to the Masonic Lodge of the freemasons and you are serious about wanting more information.

The Lodge does have the reputation of being secretive but whether it’s a sinister international organisation with evil influence over world affairs or just a bunch of mostly men aiming to be better people, which somehow involves strange rituals with weird dress-up, a secret handshake and the wearing of daft-looking aprons, is hotly disputed. Everyone loves a good conspiracy theory.

And there are plenty of theories about freemasonry to be found on the internet, so knock yourself out with those if you feel the need. However, if you want to find out about local freemasons, you can always ask one, as there do seem to be plenty about within the local business and political community.

Quite who they are, I cannot say without rather more investigation, but I can tell you that our premier is not just a member but was added to the roll of “Master Mason”, whatever that is, over the January-June 2015 period, as noted in the Masonic Lodge July 2015 newsletter (see page 4).

Cayman’s freemasons are actually part of the Jamaica chapter under the name, “District Grand Lodge of Jamaica and the Cayman Islands”. On their website (see here) they describe freemasonry as “a peculiar system of morality, veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols”.

The site, however, states that freemasonry, which goes back hundreds of years, is not a secret society, then continues: “We take good men, and make them better. Freemasonry is a life-long commitment to improving the individual, and by extension therefore, the environment and communities within which we live.”

I will leave you to draw your own conclusions and suggest you read through the website. If you are so inspired, you can call the office of the district grand secretary in Jamaica at (876) 926-6018.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Have a read here, it may enlighten you :

  2. Anonymous says:

    Have a look at this and educate yourself.

  3. NCIS: West Bay says:

    What we need are 50 Calibers, War Tanks and real mean who will do the job to clear the way!!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    A Deputy chief at Immigration is one and a Deputy Collector of Customs too not to mention its rampant in the Police and Prison.

  5. Anonymous says:

    So guess we can’t call on UK to help us get free of this ‘gang’, Auntie? Or can we? Can the FCO appoint an Attorney General not associated with the Lodge?

    Scary times because as much as we can welcome most Jamaicans if there are some controlling our politicians and leaders via Lodge how long can we last since the culture of corruption set up there is easily taking over here??

    Will the Jamaicans NOT in Lodge stand with Caymanians to get rid of them to protect their futures too here in Cayman where they have been given chance to start over?

  6. Anonymous says:

    What about the Mechanics Lodge?

    • Anon- says:

      What about them??? They’re just play play pretenders, not the real deal even though their members would have you believe it. Basically they took freemasonry and changed around so many things to make it suit them. They are also not recognized by any masonic organization, they are known as “irregular” and “clandestine”. Meaning cannot attend anything to do with masons. They do use most of the same symbols, but as there are no copyright laws on symbols they can do that. And yes there are a couple of politrickans, a few business men, normal men, who are a part of the mechanics.

  7. Ron says:


    • Anonymous says:

      I know someone who is a lodge member. In his mind, it appears, he feels empowered by being a member. For what reason, I don’t know. It has not made him a better person (still an asshole), it has not improved his life in anyway. All he’s gotten are some make believe elevations and a ring he had to pay for. I’m convinced it just a meeting of men where they dress up, eat, perform strange rituals while the elder’s blow smoke up their a$$eS. I could be wrong but this is my observation.

    • Anonymous says:

      Here is what an Internet site came up with.

      Freemasonry and Hostility

      Because of their belief in universal principles & freedoms Freemasons have been prosecuted and seen historically as threats by tyrants and despotic dictators. Intolerance towards Freemasons even emanated at one time from the Holy Roman Catholic Church. Various Roman Catholic Popes have published condemnations of Freemasonry, starting with Bull, In Eminenti, by Pope Clement XII, on 28 April, 1738. Although Roman Catholic Canon Law does not specifically mention Freemasonry, the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith of the Roman Catholic Church still views association as a serious sin. Furthermore, Freemasonry had been outlawed in Germany by Hitler and the Nazi’s during WW II, by Mussolini in 1925, by Franco in Spain in 1941, suppressed by the Communists of Russia, Romania and Hungary, and in Iran by the Ayatollah Khomeini in 1979. The countries where Freemasonry openly exists are in counties that are tolerant and more or less democratic.”

      So since Cayman is democratic, either you are or want to be despotic to be against such a charitable organization. Usually it is people who are ignorant or have been rejected by an organization that ad mouths it.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Many public authority Board members are Lodge “brothers”. No wonder the cronyism and protectionism. Another dirty legacy of Jim Bodden!!

    David Legge was right about corruption being entrenched in Cayman!!

    My heart hurts for my little country!!

  9. JohnEvans says:

    In 1990 I worked on an investigation into allegations of questionable connections between freemasons and the police. These had all been officially denied and several senior police officers had gone on record denying that they had any involvement in freemasonry. The only problem with this was we had photographs of the same officers leaving a major gathering of freemasons in the company of lawyers, judges and career criminals. That story was killed off by the owners of the newspaper I was working for.

    More recently in the UK we’ve had Operation Tiberius, a 2001/2 investigation into police corruption. That report was officially shredded but in the last couple of years copies have surfaced. Why was it originally buried? Because if the conclusions had been pushed they would have revealed deeply-rooted masonic connections between organised crime and the police. In fact what appears to have happened is that the delay in making the report public has allowed most of the more significant players to quietly retire before any formal investigation caught up with them.

    But possibly the most damning indictment of the abuse of freemasonry was the Dunblane massacre on 13 March 1996. On that day Thomas Hamilton killed 16 children and one adult with handguns he legally held on a firearm certificate. Concerns about Hamilton had been reported to the police on numerous occasions since 1990/1 but despite this a senior police had rejected requests to revoke his firearm certificate and seize the handguns used in the massacre. Both Hamilton and the officer concerned were masons. The report of the inquiry was then sealed for 100 years but the then Home Secretary who was also a mason. Thankfully, after a lot of pressure that decision was partially reversed in 2005.

    Is freemasonry good or bad? I don’t know but what I do know is it’s a culture open to abuse.

    • Anonymous says:

      Every barrel has a few rotten apples. It is a fact of life and nothing you or I could do about it. Human beings are imperfect.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Sun Cult worshippers with their fancy symbols and slick tongues….one day it will hang you.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Any organization that hides away from the light can only be doing so for nefarious reasons. I have had more funny handshakes in Cayman than anywhere else in the world. All with people whom I would call morally and intellectually challenged.

  12. Anonymous says:

    i agree with sleezy low lifes they are! A prominent member shot and killed my dog and the police wouldn’t even investigate the crime nor collect the bullets retrieved from my dog at the vet no matter how much times the vet called the police to come and collect them. My other dog survived and lives with pellets in her scattered in her body. Bunch of low lifes!

  13. ENLIGHTENED says:


    All are Freemasons. There are many more in the Public Sector who protect each other including judges, police and chief officers.

    Their children are also protected and none serve time for crimes committed like domestic abuse or road fatalities. Look at the owners of companies that get awarded the big contracts then connect the dots. The brothers look out for brothers.

    CNS: Is there an official list of members anywhere?

  14. Rum Ting says:

    From the police to the courts, from the schools to the hospital, from the churches to the secret societies, one thing is clear………Jamaicans run Cayman.

    Clearly not an ideal situation.

  15. Anonymous says:

    A quite brilliant answer. Well done, Auntie!

    • Anonymous says:

      You don’t read much do you?

      • Anonymous says:

        What is your problem?

        • Anonymous says:

          Well the “response” is not fairly capable of being described as “quite brilliant”. It was superficial and pedestrian.

          • Anonymous says:

            I meant that the response was brilliant knowing that it was perfectly positioned to pull some interesting comments from the community, apart from yours.
            I believe it succeeded in that. Go back to being negative. Over and out.

  16. Anonymous says:

    The secrecy is mainly in the backroom deals among the members to ensure that the mediocre help the mediocre to achieve beyond the limitations of mediocrity.

  17. Anonymous says:

    “We take good men and make them better” WOW! Well, if this is a precept of the local Masonic Lodge, they have seriously failed with a number of their members. I know at least a few persons who are Lodge members and who are of the lowest moral character – sleazy, corrupt, underhanded, dishonest, etc. “A peculiar system of morality” indeed!!

    I don’t know the requirements for Masonic Lodge membership worldwide, but most members in Cayman join just to be protected and benefit from the favours afforded to members and the nepotism involved. What does that say about the moral character of such persons??!! Why does one need such “membership” benefits? Sleazy low-lifes!!

    It was rumored that Alden McLaughlin joined two weeks before 2013 election and was inducted by a well-known retired insurance executive. Do your records indicate this?

    • Anonymous says:

      YOU BET. All politicians….ALL…from little XXXXX boops all the way up to soft pants XXXX…Almost if not majority of the actual Policing officers who ‘know the know’ and ‘know the who’ – These guys can be shown out by the way they act usually, who they connect with obviously and then again the possession they seem to fly in and grab right away before ANY hardworking Caymanian could EVER get a chance (again reaping fruits that they have not planted), lets see…most if not all of the ‘goody two’ shoe Caymanians who always get bailed of ouf crime/traffice or any form of matter prior to even being arrested or put on bail to begin with (read again if you are lost). Other than that….no they are just making normal men superheros….I believe you but the statistics within the world dont!!!! ONE WORD: CORRUPTION? Alpha and Omega of Corruption lies within the and ANY lodge. NOTE THIS FROM A FIRST HAND FELLOW.

      *Different breed of Caymanian on the rise. Watch.*

    • Anonymous says:

      Anonymous 21/03/2016 at 10:00 am – This is the correct answer.
      Makes you frightened to go to a lawyer or any authority since many of them belong. If you are not a part of this gang and their friends, do not expect to succeed very far before one of them stops you in your tracks.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, Anonymous 21/03/2016 at 10:00 am, this right here! This should be in place on Wikipedia on OUR description of the lodge in the Cayman Islands.
      I doubt I’d be inducted but I genuinely would not want to be associated with this group of ‘members’. My moral standards are much higher than any one of them.