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| 01/04/2016
CNS Local Life

Gary Lindsay of Atlantic Star and Natalie Urquhart of NGCI stand next to “Untitled” by Bendel Hydes

(CNS): The National Gallery of the Cayman Islands (NGCI) has recently acquired two works of art, courtesy of Atlantic Star Ltd. The two pieces, by Maureen Andersen-Berry and Bendel Hydes, will join the National Gallery’s ever-growing permanent collection of more than 200 works of art.

“The collection lies at the very core of the National Gallery mission to promote and preserve the art and heritage of the Cayman Islands,” said Natalie Urquhart, NGCI director. “It is an incredible artistic and educational resource for our country.”

The development of the collection is primarily due to the generous donations of artists, patrons and corporate organisations. Gary Lindsay, of Atlantic Star, spoke of his company’s donation. “We are so pleased to donate these unique works of Caymanian art to the National Gallery,” he said.

“It is important for these artists to be valued for their highly creative and individual talents. We also understand how beneficial donations are to a growing national collection, especially those works which capture the essence of Caymanian culture and heritage.”

Speaking of the two additions, Urquhart added that “the artworks which have been donated by Atlantic Star Ltd are truly significant examples of the artists’ work and it is wonderful to know that they will be accessible to the public long into the future”.

CNS Local Life

“Yellow House” by Maureen Andersen-Berry

The donated acrylic painting “Yellow House” by Andersen-Berry depicts a small house on the seafront, surrounded by local vegetation, in a secluded part of Grand Cayman. Andersen-Berry, who was born and raised in England where her love of fine art began, has exhibited a multitude of paintings in galleries across London, heavily inspired by impressionist movements, such as the works of Monet and Van Gogh.

Upon arrival on Grand Cayman in 1976, Andersen-Berry became inspired by the island’s panorama. She continued to produce a repertoire of works that represent the fleeting impression of nature and the idyllic settings she has encountered here. Through her familiar use of rapid brush strokes and vivacious color, “Yellow House” captures the authenticity and rhythms of daily life on the island.

The second donation from Atlantic Star is by internationally acclaimed artist Bendel Hydes. This acrylic on canvas depicts the subject of paint itself. “Upon viewing this piece, you are invited to observe the layers of forms on the surface of the image,” Urquhart explained.

After receiving formal training in both the UK and United States back in the 1970s, Hydes has since honed his individuality as a conceptual painter. Through an objective approach, his work, “Untitled”, exhibits a wealth of animated light.

“He delves into a sensory world of sight, sound and touch, constructing visual metaphors which enhance physical and conceptual possibilities,” added Urquhart.

To download related educational materials about these two works of art visit the NGCI website or email the National Gallery

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