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| 07/04/2016
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Roy McTaggart Jenniefer Ahearn Alden McLaughlin at the first meeting of the Culture and Heritage Steering Committee

(CNS): A Cabinet-appointed steering committee of public and private sector stakeholders is working closely with the Ministry of Culture regarding all matters relating to the development of the first National Culture and Heritage Policy and Strategic Plan. The policy will provide a documented framework for government to address Cayman’s heritage and culture and the conservation, promotion and education on these fields. Members were provided with the committee’s Terms of Reference at the meeting.

The document will draw from existing instruments, strategies and policies, which comprise culture and heritage components including the Cayman Islands Constitution, Vision 2008, and national, regional and international policies. It is expected the policy will be in place by the early 2017.

A cross-section of representatives from cultural entities including the Cayman Catboat Club, National Archive, Cayman National Cultural Foundation and the National Trust, National Museum and National Gallery make up the committee, which convened in February.

Welcoming the team to its first meeting, Premier and Minister for Culture Alden McLaughlin remarked, “I am pleased with the interest and enthusiasm of this committee, and Government enthusiastically awaits the results of your undertakings, which are vital to conserving our heritage and further developing our culture.”

Steering committee members will also formulate a strategic plan in which the policy will be rolled out over a 10-year period from 2016 to 2026.

“The Culture and Heritage Policy will assist when making decisions such as resource allocation for things such as educational and social programmes,” said Ministry of Culture Chief Officer, Jennifer Ahearn, the committee’s chairperson. “By having the steering committee in place and aiming for a broader public consultation, planned for later this year, we will ensure that the policy is responsive to the needs of the people of these Islands.”

Areas of focus for the steering committee, for which subcommittees acting as focus groups have been formed, include: land-based heritage; maritime heritage; subcultures, governance and legal aspects; literary arts; visual arts and crafts; performing arts and festivals and leisure, tourism and creative industry.

Members include Chairwoman, the Chief Officer of the Ministry of Culture Jennifer Ahearn; Deputy Chair and Deputy Chief Officer of the Ministry of Culture Nancy Barnard; Managing Director, Cayman National Cultural Foundation Marcia Muttoo; Director, National Gallery of the Cayman Islands Natalie Urquhart; Director, Cayman Islands National Museum Dr Peggy Leshikar-Denton; Cultural Animator Anita Ebanks; Cayman Islands National Archive representatives Tammi Selzer and Charisse Morrison; Director, National Trust for the Cayman Islands Christina McTaggart-Pineda; Chairperson, Tourism Attraction Board Carla Reid; Cultural Animator Chris Christian; Cayman Catboat Club representative Jerris Miller; Legal Department representative Tonicia Williams; Acting Policy Advisor,  Ministry of Culture Natasha Powell; Ministry of Education representative Kiva Powell; and Ministry of Tourism Deputy Chief Officer Dr Dalton Watler.

CNS Local Life

Culture and Heritage Steering Committee with Premier Alden McLaughlin and Ministry Counsellor Roy Mctaggart

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