Native Sons reveal work two decades on

| 10/04/2016
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Paintings by Nasaria Suckoo Chollette

(CNS): Twenty years after leading local artists Wray Banker, Al Ebanks and Miguel Powery first showed their work collectively at an exhibition at Government House, the group known as “Native Sons”, which now also includes Nasaria Suckoo Chollette, Gordon Solomon, Randy Chollette, Chris Christian, Nickola McCoy Snell and Horacio Esteban, are back at the National Gallery showing their latest work. The gallery already holds many of the artists’ earlier work but the new exhibition, which opened Friday night, gives a small taste of the expansion of their talents and their artistic success and acclaim over the last two decades.

The exhibition, which runs until June and is curated by Kerri-Anne Chisholm, reveals an eclectic mix and some exciting new work that demonstrates the diversity and breadth of talent across the group of very local artists that has been key to the wider development of the arts in the Cayman Islands.

As well as showcasing some great pieces, a 45 minute video explores the group of Caymanians and their work. Lectures, panel discussions, a family fun day, workshops, educational events and garden lunches form part of the exhibition, which is also designed to be an informative event to explain the importance of the group to Cayman’s art history.

Although each artist is very individual, together the Native Sons’ work is uniquely based on their collective heritage and cultural experiences. The artwork selected for this exhibition covers a wide variety of genres, from realism and impressionism to abstract and conceptual art, signifying that while these artists share a collective ideal, their artistic vision remains truly unique.

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