Artwork celebrates 30 years of Harquail Theatre

| 24/05/2016
CNS Local Life

The mural created by the YAA Collective

(CNS): New artwork, commemorating the Harquail Theatre’s 30th anniversary, was unveiled at a ceremony last week. Created by members of the Young At Arts (YAA) Collective, the installation hangs on the large wall facing the pond, outside the theatre. The collective is a group of 30 artists, aged nine to 18, who were selected to represent the 30 years of the Harquail Theatre.

Three large-scale canvas sails were broken down into 10 sections each, to create 30 pieces, with each student receiving a piece. Each young person was also given an image that represented a moment in the history of the theatre and asked to recreate the picture on the canvas using acrylic paint.

Organisers further specified that the resulting work should be recognisable, but representative of each student’s individual style.

“What these students have created is remarkable in the sense that the past meets the present, with these young artists recreating moments that precede them,” said Patrice Beersingh, programmes manager at the Cayman National Cultural Foundation.

She added, “The Harquail Theatre truly has become an important part of the cultural landscape in the Cayman Islands. So much has already happened here, and it’s important that we preserve these moments and we’re excited to see what else is in store.”

Dart Enterprises sponsored the commission. “The development of creativity and collaboration, and the ability to translate an idea into a meaningful, artistic representation are skills which are as applicable in the workplace as they are in an artist’s studio,” said Chris Duggan, Dart Enterprises vice president of community development.

“We are happy to support the Cayman National Cultural Foundation as it celebrates 30 years and to support these 30 young artists who are contributing to the cultural fabric of our community in such a meaningful way.”

In addition to creating the new artwork, students in the YAA Collective have also participated in a private tour of the National Gallery, and a special meet and greet with Grammy award-winning electro-jazz cellist Dana Leong. They also received free VIP passes to the Cayfest Red Sky at Night Festival.

Jacob Whewell was named the top art student, and received $250 towards art supplies, a workshop scholarship worth $200 from the National Gallery and a $750 grant for the art programme at his school, St Ignatius Catholic School.

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