Golden Spoons Review: Casanova

| 02/05/2016

(CNS Foodie): Casanova is considered one of the best restaurants in Cayman. It is situated right on the waterfront in George Town, and if it’s ambiance you are after, you will not be disappointed. We had a very pleasant young man as our server. When he came to the table, he enthusiastically recommended the specials and other items on the menu.

I had not taken a good look at the menu when he arrived to take the order, so while he took my friend’s order I tried to look quickly over the menu, feeling a little under pressure to order. While I was still looking, the waiter gave me a few suggestions and was even willing to mix two different dishes for me. Finally, he helped me to decide on my appetizer and main course.

I had the calamari to start, which was $9.95.  It was good and I enjoyed it. However, before I had finished it, the main course was put on the table by another older waiter, who put the plate in front of me causing me to move my starter to the side. As I tried to eat it quickly so that he could remove my plate, he said that he had to bring the food because it was ready, but added, “No hurry, take your time, take your time!”

He asked if this was a little fast. Erm, yes, just a bit. But rather than remove the main course dish from the table until I had finished my starter, he left the food and took off. Zero points for service to that server!

My friend had a slice of tomato with mozzarella for her appetizer. She enjoyed it, but at $14.95, she was a little surprised at the cost of it. (We did not see the price as the waiter just told us that it was one of the specials for tonight.)

We both ended up having the special seafood pasta dish, which was homemade pasta with a couple of shrimp and three or four little bits of lobster. The presentation was nice but it was a little over salty, and at $24.95, too pricy for what it was. More lobster and shrimp might have made it worth the money.

I had not been to Casanovas in over three years because my last experience was not a good one. Back then I ordered one of my favourite desserts: Tiramisu. It was old and tasted awful and put me right off ever wanting to return here.

This time, mainly out of curiosity, I wanted to try the Tiramisu again. What a disappointment! It was old and absolutely not freshly made. There was only one layer of sponge cake or ladyfingers as the base, which is all I could eat as the rest of the cake tasted horrible.

When the waiter returned to the table and saw that I had not finished my dessert, he very kindly took it off the bill.

“You should have gone with the English cake special that I recommended,” he said. He was absolutely right about that.

Casanova was once a great dining experience for me, but sadly, standards have clearly been allowed to slip. Will I return again with clients I might wish to impress? I think not.

Gratuity: 15% added to the bill.

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