Overseas radar workshop benefits Cayman participants

| 11/05/2016
CNS Local Life

(L-R) Earl Lindo, Michael Carey and Danny Salmon took part in radar training

CNS): A team comprising technical engineer Michael Carey (Cayman Islands National Weather Service), Earl Lindo (Cayman Islands Airports Authority) and Danny Salmon (Aviation Communications) recently took part in a training workshop in Belize covering technical support of weather radar. The workshop, held 4-15 April, was facilitated by the Belize National Weather Service and funded by the World Meteorological Organisation.

The training was provided by SELEX, the manufacturer of weather radar installed across the Caribbean. The weeklong session was repeated over two weeks and afforded the opportunity for the Cayman participants to participate in hands-on training utilising Belize weather radar.

People using the radar are required to undergo refresher training every two years.

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