Single mums secure work via jobs programme

| 05/05/2016
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Passport2Success graduates with education and employment minister Tara Rivers (centre) and Dianne Connolly of the NWDA (to her left)

(CNS): From the 11 single mothers who recently graduated from the latest government-backed Passport2Success programme, eight of the women have secured jobs. They gained employment following 16 weeks of classes, internships, site visits, community service, speakers and parenting workshops, through the course hosted by the Wellness Centre in partnership with the National Workforce Development Agency (NWDA).

The women graduated from the 19th group since the initiative began, with the aim of helping school leavers and unemployed young people gain practical skills and work experience, and eventually find jobs.

To date, 361 people have gone through the programme.  From this latest group, five of the mums have indicated they will be pursuing further education and three are now working with the NWDA’s Ready2WorkKY initiative to find full-time employment.

When education and employment minister Tara Rivers gave the women their certificates, she offered congratulations for staying the course and challenged them to “dare to be different in their performance” and not settle for mediocrity.

“Today is only a start toward what should be a path of lifelong learning and development,” she said. “I urge you to keep gaining skills that will help you climb the employment ladder of success.  Be proactive and utilise any on-the-job training, no matter how menial, to propel yourself forward.

“Never let the difficulties you have faced in your life hold you back or cripple you because you are strong women.  Always focus on moving forward, not only for yourselves but for your children who are depending on you to set the example that they need.”

Companies that participated in the programme were Foster’s Food Fair, Hurley’s, Burger King, Popeyes, CUC, Department of Children and Family Services, Silver Thatch Pensions (Saxon), Bodden Funeral Services, Walkers, Cayman Airways, Cayman Islands Airports Authority, The Westin Grand Cayman, OA+D Architects, SteppingStones and Kirk Motors. Sponsor Webster’s Tours provided transportation for the group and Butterfield set up bank accounts in which to deposit their weekly stipends.

The 20th cohort begins in May.

For more information on the programme, visit the Passport2Success website or contact the NWDA at 945-3114


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