New speed limit ignored on West Bay Road

| 27/06/2016

When will the police start enforcing the 25 mph speed limit on the “old” West Bay Road? I was doing around 25 mph this morning when a bus came up behind my car and stayed way too close before overtaking (illegal I believe?) and after giving me the finger (yes, that’s CaymanKind for you) rushed ahead at speed for a while before swerving into the kerb (presumably to drop a passenger).

I’m Caymanian and have driven here for more than 25 years. Some bus drivers and taxi drivers need to be ticketed for their appalling driving. Some should not be on the road, let alone carrying passengers. Yes, I have the licence plate number of the bus.

Auntie’s answer: I totally understand your frustration with inconsiderate and apparently reckless drivers on West Bay Road, especially those who seem to think that the relatively empty middle turning lane is an open invitation to pass.

To make it perfectly clear, it is illegal to overtake another car by using the turning lane. For confirmation, I turned to that very handy booklet, The Road Code of the Cayman Islands. On page 21, it says, “On a divided highway or multi-lane roadway there may be a centre-lane reserved solely for traffic turning right … You must not use the lane for overtaking.”

Your experience is one of those to be filed under: “Too bad a police officer wasn’t around to issue a ticket.” But, the RCIPS cannot be everywhere at once, unfortunately.

As for the rest of your tale, I did get some clarification from an RCIPS spokesperson, who explained the police have been enforcing the new speed limits which came into effect 7 March. Since the changes, they have issued about 110 speeding tickets.

In addition, buses are regulated through the Public Transport Board (945-8344). Anyone who wants to file a complaint about a bus driver – and, like you, they have the licence number – can contact the board. The RCIPS representative also said that if anyone witnesses any reckless or potentially criminal driving, they should report it to the police.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Dash cameras a cheap.Everyone should have one while driving in Cayman

    • Anonymous says:

      Just wish Auntie or someone could explain why the residential area of West Bay has been gifted with a 30 mile speed limit, with not even caution signs in the heavily populated school areas. The bar customers that spill over into the road are another danger to drivers at any speed.. if the 5 mile deduction makes the road safer then it makes a difference when 5 miles per hr is added. A residential area is 30 while the West Bay road is 25. Does anyone care about the West Bayers, or is it that only the tourist matter?

  2. Anonymous says:

    I shared an idea to the National Roads Authority over a week ago (no acknowledgment or comment yet). Why not have the speed limit painted on the surface of the road as happens in other countries. The speed limit signs are too unobtrusive and are few and far between: speed limits painted on the road surface can not be missed by any driver. Less speeding would occur and the police’s task would be eased.

    • Anonymous says:

      Great idea – like the $3 “look right” stencils in hotel/tourism zone that might otherwise save some lives.

  3. Anonymous says:

    If I have a dash cam and caught them on camera, can I submit it to RCIPS for evidence to issue them a ticket?