Validity of overseas disabled tags

| 29/06/2016

I’ll be visiting Grand Cayman later this year. Can I use my UK disabled parking permit in the car I will be renting during my stay?

Auntie’s answer: I am happy to report that not only can you use your UK permit, but also the process to enable its use is very straightforward.

I consulted with an official at the Department of Vehicle and Drivers’ Licensing (DVDL) about your query. He explained all that is required is that the holder of the disabled tag, or a representative, comes into the DVDL (located at 990 Crewe Road next to First Baptist Church, 945-8344) so that the record for the vehicle in which the tag is displayed is updated with this information. In this way, in case the RCIPS enquires about the tag, there is something on file to confirm its validity. And the best news is that there is no charge for this service.

I did ask about trying to arrange to do this online ahead of your visit, but the department prefers to deal with original documents.


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