Work permit holders and politics

| 27/06/2016

Is it stated in the Immigration Law that while you are on a work permit, are you allowed to be involved in political issues?

Auntie’s answer: An immigration official explained that the literal answer to your question is no, it does not say anywhere in the Immigration Law (2015 Revision) that a work permit holder is permitted to be involved in political issues. However, it also does not say that they can’t, so long as it is not “subversive”.

Section 48(10) of the law lists the grounds for which an application for the grant or renewal of a work permit can be refused or revoked  — (c) “the applicant has a background of subversive political activity, racism or any illegal activity”.

Although it’s not specified in the law, has a good definition of subversive activity: “Anyone lending aid, comfort, and moral support to individuals, groups or organisations that advocate the overthrow of incumbent governments by force and violence is subversive and is engaged in subversive activity. All wilful acts that are intended to be detrimental to the best interests of the government and that do not fall into the categories of treason, sedition, sabotage, or espionage will be placed in the category of subversive activity.”

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